Say it with flowers*

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about poetry recently, spurred on by some GCSE English work one of my children is covering. Poetry is so rich and open to interpretation, and was always one of my favourite things to teach.

When I looked into the origins of the words poem/poetry/poet, I came across the archaic form for poetry being ‘poesy’ – in fact, the French word for poetry is ‘la poésie’. It made me wonder if that was somehow connected to the word ‘posy’ so I delved a bit deeper ...

The true romantics among you will be delighted to hear that posy (meaning flowers/bouquet) is a variant of ‘poesy’ and is so called because originally posies were short lines of poetry, engraved on the inside of a ring, and this same loving sentiment can also be expressed by giving flowers.

So, the next time you surprise someone with a posy of flowers, remember it’s a message of love delivered as pure poetry!

*I admit this isn't truly worthy of being a full blog post but I sometimes post similar snippets on social media as I find etymology an endless source of fascination.

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