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Benefits of editing (copycopia)


Benefits Of Editing


Everyone is fallible.


The way we express ourselves in this digital world is indelible and exposing. Companies that have lost credibility with their clients have been well documented in the media, an example being this BBC article. Making mistakes is something we can't afford, either financially or through a damaged reputation. Loose punctuation, incorrect grammar, spelling errors and poor syntax are just some of the elements which can instantly devalue your work, however good the raw material. 


In a saturated and competitive market, asking a professional editor to review your work afresh is well worth the investment. By entrusting your copy to me, you can ensure that the outcome will be polished, checked for errors and will reflect you at your best.

Can't I just rely on my computer's spelling and grammar checks?

I've worked on countless texts where spellcheckers and grammar programmes would struggle to identify the issues. In many cases, individual words or linguistic devices are not necessarily wrong, but might be ill-suited to the context or misaligned to your target audience.


When writing, we can become 'word blind' through overfamiliarity and may not distinguish what we're reading back to ourselves from what is actually written. Equally, there may be places where idiom doesn't sound natural or structure is clumsier than it could be.


Most often it's not binary and it is precisely these grey areas that can't be captured by a machine.

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