textual healing

Are you in control of your words or are they in control of you?

Have you got textual symptoms?

Here are some remedies to help ease common ailments in your copy.  

Build your vocabulary




An expression of great praise for someone/something.

They wrote a fitting encomium to honour her service to the organisation.

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Currently reading:

The Essex Serpent


Sarah Perry

I've been sucked into the heart of this vivid, superstitious novel through the author's richly descriptive narrative. Perry's characters are entirely believable with their flaws and motives. The prose is so tightly worded, it's hard to imagine getting any more bang for your buck in each sentence!

Etymology: the roots of words




Meaning flower, bouquet. In 1533, a motto or line of poetry engraved within a ring; variant of poesy. The meaning of a flower/bouquet is first recorded in 1573, and was thought to come from the use of flowers to express sentiments like those engraved in rings.

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