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Medical Editing Service

I work with medical writers and med comms/med ed consultancies to help finesse their writing before it’s published. I edit across a breadth of therapy areas on the following types of material:

  • Training content/clinical scenarios for medical exams

  • Reports

  • Slide decks (internal and pharma)

  • Manuscript submissions to journals

  • Research summaries

  • Website content

  • Scientific papers.

Medical writers are skilled at educating through technical writing and storytelling, depending on the target audience. Different therapy areas and publications represent a variety of writing styles, and it’s my job to respond to this by aligning the tone with the intended reader – a brochure aimed at patients will use different language, style and layout from that of a peer-reviewed journal article.

I aim to improve readability by reviewing the following elements and directing any queries to the author:

  • Syntax

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Consistency

  • Ambiguity

  • Repetition

  • Formatting issues

  • Visual content (this often needs cross-checking).

I typically work to style guides, i.e. styling and formatting a document to comply with medical journal guidelines or to reflect a company’s lexicon or branding. Where there is no specific style set, I work with the client to ensure a consistent and professional result.

You can read more about how an editor can help medical writers in my blog post.

If you'd like me to copyedit or proofread your healthcare-related content, do get in touch to chat things through.

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