Encouraging people to oppose or fight against government.

The authorities suspected her of publishing seditious material.

Jugend ohne Gott

by Ödön von Horváth

I've never forgotten this book; it had a profound effect on me at German A Level and I want to re-read it (in translation this time). 

Written in 1937, the story charts a teacher's struggles with his own conscience, but ultimately his commitment to the truth, at a time when his pupils are being indoctrinated by the Nazis.

trump verb

The verb trump up (1695 onwards), meaning to fabricate, actually originates from the verb trump (as early as 1513), meaning to deceive/cheat. This came from Old French tromper and we still use the French expression trompe l’oeil for art techniques that trick the eye into seeing optical illusions.

trump noun

The noun trump for the card of the highest ranking suit comes from 1529 and is probably special use of English triumph. It may also be loosely connected to trumpet, with the idea of announcing which suit is trump in a card game.

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