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Freelance Copyeditor

I am a professional freelance copyeditor, web editor and proofreader, based in Hampshire. I offer editorial services to global clients, to enhance and correct language and content so that you can be confident of an accurate publication.

I ensure that every client receives excellent service and support through my conscientious approach to high-level precision and language fluency. 


Please get in contact to discuss how I can help you or your business.


Image by Karolis Milišauskas

Language has always fascinated me: I enjoy its creative possibilities, the mechanics of it and the provenance of words. Nuance in language has huge purpose: the way we write and speak influences what others receive and how they respond.


It's in my nature to be precise. I have always loved detail and this trait has woven its way through my work during my career.


Both classical and modern languages were at the heart of my education and developed my love of the written word, its conventions and subtleties. The exposure to multiple languages consolidated my skills in syntax and grammar, taught me to appreciate and understand the English language more deeply and sparked a lifelong interest in etymology.

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