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Copycopia: style sheets




Style Sheet Creation


Creating a style sheet is a wise move from the outset. 

An editorial style sheet records all the style standards that you prefer. Examples of these style points are how you treat typography, hyphenation, heading capitalisation, bullet points, the serial comma, formatting – you name it. This means that all written material will stay consistent throughout your website, your novel or your corporate communications.

I mention consistency a lot as it needs to be your dearest friend.

No matter whether you’re a brand consultant, a lawyer, an established author or a start-up company, lack of consistency can stop readers in their tracks and momentarily take their mind off your message. They may well get back to your content ... or they may choose to go with your slickly presented competitors. It’s that real.

Style sheets are particularly important when multiple colleagues are contributing to a website, articles, blogs or books. Everyone can access one guiding document.


I can create a style sheet to maintain consistency across your copy and branding; this conveys your message tidily and professionally. I work either from your existing material, or by discussing style choices together with you.

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